Writing with Full Linguistic Richness

WriteRight is the best English/Spanish distraction-free text editor for writers, journalists, teachers and students, offering Synonyms, Antonyms and Phraseology. This guide introduces WriteRight’s brilliant features and straight-to-the-point tips that will make writing fun and productive by enhancing the semantics of your texts. WriteRight is a unique plain-text editor that adapts to your linguistic knowledge level: school, college, university or business, assisting you in surpassing your own limits and helping you to exhaustively polish your linguistic performance. Come with us, because this adventure is just beginning.


Activate the dictionaries

The synonyms, antonyms and phraseology dictionaries turn on for the desired language from the keyboard. Be sure to set the keyboard to the language you are writing.
To add the missing English or Spanish keyboard, go to Settings in your device -> General -> International -> Keyboards and there add a new keyboard.

Touch and Write

A clear interface with no settings; just open the App in your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini and start writing. You are then totally free to Edit using Menlo, one of the most readable fonts.

  • You will always know exactly where you are in your writing progress: word and character count.
  • Documents can be renamed by tapping their name in the Title bar.

Increase or decrease the font size

In Edit mode, increase or decrease the size of the Menlo font in four sizes when pinching the screen to zoom outwards or towards the center (iPad and iPhone). This disposition will be preserved in Preview presentation.

Advanced Preview

You can preview the formated text with text styles and headings tapping on Preview.
Preview shows in Helvetica Neue:

The iPad version also includes these types:
  • US Letter/A4 with the popular Georgia font, body font size 12, automatic indentation, time and date, document name and page numbering.
  • Manuscript Letter or A4 format using Times News Roman, also with automatic indentation, body font size 12 with 1.5 spacing, document name and page number, 1800/2000 characters per page.
Your novel will look ready to send to the next NaNoWriMo!

Text and Markdown

WriteRight accepts Text and Markdown formatting rules. There are smart menus with the Markdown characters you will need, that can be used with either the internal keyboard or with any compatible wireless keyboard.
Simply tap your desired character and select the option you want from the menu. Then, you can see the results immediately by selecting Preview button.

To get the whole guide of Markdown go to http://daringfireball.net/.

The Accessory Keyboard

WriteRight was designed with your linguistic writing needs in mind. In our custom accessory keyboard, you will find the most popular symbols and characters to help make it easier for you and to speed up your creativity. The ‘open and close’ type symbols, such as quotation marks, parentheses, etc. have two parameters:

  • You select a word, sentence or paragraph and the editor instantly encloses it in the opening and closing symbols. It’s that easy!
  • If no text is selected, the app intelligently evaluates context and places the appropriate symbol (opening or closing) as needed where the cursor is located.

  • If you decide to use italics, bold or italic bold, simply select them from the drop-down menu and the cursor will place itself between both style symbols. If, on the other hand, you have already written something and you wish to enhance a word or phrase using one of these style symbols, select the word or phrase and tap on the selected menu. WriteRight will do the rest.

  • At the right, you will find pop up menus for selecting Headings, Styles, Lists, Blockquotes, Lines, Website links and Image insertion.
  • ‘Find and Replace’/’Replace All’ options, in the custom accessory keyboard, with options for configuring: distinguishes Capital letters, Complete words and ignores Accent marks. Besides, it counts the number of repetitions found.

    The custom accessory keyboard never disappears, even when you decide to use your Bluetooth keyboard, making it easier for you if you should need to use double symbols or Markdown formatting.

Synonyms and Antonyms

WriteRight offers you its exclusive Thesaurus of Synonyms and Antonyms pop-up menu. You only have to select a word and an endless list of Synonyms and related phrases will be displayed. Or antonyms, if you wish. Incredible!

  • All the words and related phrases right in front of you, without having to leave your text or having to recur to the boring copy-paste option, or open and close different applications. Writing app with synonyms, antonyms and phraseology
  • WriteRight helps you to deeply understand English or Spanish, capturing a wide range of linguistic possibilities and including regional terms marked by their corresponding country flags.
    enrich your knowledge with Synonyms, Antonyms and Phraseology
Enjoy ‘writing right’ and, when taking a break, play to enrich your knowledge with Synonyms, Antonyms and Phraseology.


If you look at the far right of the custom accessory keyboard, you’ll find the Gear Button.

This provides you with a huge collection of thousands of phrases (noun, verb, adjectival, adverbial) to use as a stepping-stone to enhance your writing style. Just insert the cursor in middle of a sentence without selecting anything (it does it sentence by sentence), tap the Gear Button and the program will detect any noun, verb, adjectival or adverbial phrases found in our database, giving you options for substituting the found phrase.WriteRight detects will detect any noun, verb, adjectival or adverbial phrases.

Files and Folders

WriteRight automatically saves your .txt or md. files in iCloud or Dropbox. If you are not connected to the Internet, documents will be saved and later uploaded automatically.

  • You can add and edit new folders and documents in WriteRight from the File menu -> iCloud Documents or Dropbox.
  • In WriteRight, you can create folders and sort them by color. A great option! You can choose from a range of colors by tapping the folder icon. The folder color will change! This feature only works for iCloud and local folders.
  • The File icon shows where the current document is saved. You can easily see the Storage Process, the Recently Opened list, the Trash, and the ability to link or unlink from Dropbox or iCloud, by tapping the files button.
  • You can Delete by swiping, plus Duplicate, Rename and find information regarding your documents and folders by simply tapping the Edit icon in the File panel.
  • You can move all the files you select to a specific folder. Just long-tap the folder list item and a check box will appear beside the single files. Select as many as you want, and move to the destination folder. So simple and easy!

Text Tools

WriteRight has easy floating icons to provide you with a more comfortable writing experience.

  • Undo and Redo floating icons above the custom accessory keyboard (only in the iPad version). These actions can also be executed by swiping the text area to the left or to the right (using one finger).
    Or by using the custom accessory keyboard on the iPhone.
  • Advance by character with single taps on the left or right margins of the document, or long-tap to advance word by word (only in the iPad version), or by using the custom accessory keyboard on the iPhone.
  • Swipe left or right margins (using two fingers) upward to go to the start of the document, or downwards to go to the end of the document. (Only in the iPad version).
  • Fast Scroll: move your finger up and down within the margins for fast scrolling.

  • Pinch to zoom within the text area to choose between 4 different font sizes. This action doesn’t affect any preformatted Previews. (Only in the iPad version).
  • Graphical floating indications are displayed for any action user performs.

Sharing and Printing

WriteRight includes several options for exporting content:

  • Copy: You can copy content with or without formatting, HTML codes, or links to share.
  • Send by Email: You can select to send Text Only, Formatted Text, a Text Attachment, an HTML attachment, a PDF Attachment or a link to share using iCloud or Dropbox.
  • Print document: Text only or Formatted Text.
  • Open in: Open or transfer your documents to or from a wide range of writing apps.
  • Useful Tip: You can import your work from your preferred distraction-free text editor (.txt and .md format) to WriteRight to improve your job using WriteRight’s powerful linguistic capabilities; you can then export them back. Or not ;)

Tips and Tricks

WriteRight includes several standard options:

  • Undo/Redo by Shaking (iPhone only).
  • Apple Spellchecking.
  • Auto-Capitalization.
  • Auto-Correction.
  • Find and Replace/Replace All, at the left in the custom accessory keyboard. Long-tap on Replace button to Replace All.
  • Custom Accessory Keyboard customized only for English and Spanish, other languages will be displayed as English symbols.
  • Spanish accents can be easily selected with a tap-and-hold on the character key on the keyboard, and then selecting from the displayed options or by rapidly swiping upwards for accent marks or towards the right for dieresis (standard iOS method). Normally, the accented words are suggested by the iOS Dictionary, without having to type them.
  • Night mode can be established in Settings > General > Accessibility > Triple click Home > Toggle White on Black.
  • iCloud account link.
  • Dropbox account link.
  • Print from third party programs.
  • Bluetooth keyboard: you can use it with WriteRight for iPad and iPhone. Using the bluetooth keyboard take advantage of these shortcuts:
    • cmd + up/down arrow keys: beginning/end of document,
    • ctrl + up/down arrow keys: as above,
    • alt + up/down arrow keys: up/down beginning of paragraph,
    • cmd + left/right arrow keys: beginning/end of line,
    • ctrl + left/right arrow keys: as above,
    • alt + left/right arrow keys: previous/next word.